Collograph: Back Yard Cat Bath

Back Yard Cat Bath, 6.75 x 8.5 Collograph [#1 of 5] with Watercolor and Colored pencil
Available for sale here.
Process shots begin at the bottom of this post.

While visiting my friend JMC, I used some of her water-based inks on the plate, and a sheet of soaked & blotted Arches cover paper to pull two prints (one in black, and another with a little color added a la poupee') on her little Dick Blick baby press. I'll be curious to see how this prints with oil based etching inks, but I wanted to avoid the fumes in the house, so that will wait till another day. For now, the first print (above) is ready for some watercolor & colored pencil.
I've cut the first layer of mat board away to become an ink-holding reservoir in the stripes of the towel wrapped around the cat to give it cat-shaped volume, and after brushing a diluted layer of gloss Medium & varnish on areas I'd like to print dark, I've sprinkled carborundum, and then sealed it the next day with two more layers of the same varnish.
I've used Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive glue for linear elements; facial features, limbs, hedges and architectural outlines. The cat is made from pieces of cotton balls, the hair on the figures is kitchen twine, and their clothing is kleenex tissues. The ground texture is saran wrap... I was winging this, and the kitchen was my best source for scrap materials. :o)
With a reference photo close by, I'm using a piece of mat board as a plate, and building texture with tissue, cellophane, string and glue. Each item is adhered to the plate with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish.

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Jeb said...

I love collographs...I took a workshop on them and it was really neat. This one looks great, I love the wrinkles in the shirts!

Robyn said...

Even looking at all the stages, I can never understand how you achieve such a realistic image with this method, Belinda. Beautiful!

moreidlethoughts said...

I have to say that cat's expression is as true to life as I've ever seen!

And thankyou for sharing your techniques so generously.

Jennifer Pfeiffer said...

I have never heard of collograph, thank you for sharing about it. I like the depth perception it gives.

Katie Johnson said...

Wow! That's cool! I've never seen this particular thing. Collographs, huh? Have to look that one up. Thanks for sharing.