Collograph: The Written Word

The Written Word (A/P) 9.75 x 7 Collograph with watercolor
So, let's say you want to make a print, but you only have matboard and an exacto knife. The process starts at the bottom of this post.

I laid the blotted paper on top of the inked plate, and covered the back of the paper with a sheet of wax paper so I could rub with the baren and the wooden spoon without marring the still-wet paper. After lots of rubbing and checking, I'm pulling the print. After it dried, I added watercolors (above). I'm looking forward to using oil based inks and a press for this one, to pull a small edition for adding other mediums later (colored pencil, gouache, inks, etc.)

I've coated the plate with Daniel Smith Water-based inks, using a bristle brush, and here I'm wiping areas with newsprint. I've got a sheet of paper soaking in water, and a towel ready to blot it just before I print (the inks dry fast on the plate, so you have to move quickly).

This is the back of a piece of matboard, with a pencil sketch and a coat of Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish on the front and back. After drying overnight, I incised areas with an exacto knife where I want ink to settle into line work. In other places, I've outlined shapes and peeled them away to create tiny wells to hold ink. I re-coated the plate with gloss medium three times during the cutting to hold things down if the cuts were close together, or when I got overzealous with tearing away shapes.


Robyn said...

Such a beautiful print, Belinda. It's magical that you achieve such sophisticated lines from what appears to be a primitive process.

I'd love to try your method but can't get matboard here. I'm trying to think of an alternative.

Diahn said...

This is lovely - and I so enjoy seeing the process. I'd love to give this a try sometime!

Priscilla said...

This is so beautiful, Belinda. I really enjoyed seeing exactly how you made this. I just love your color sense. Teaching workshops this summer (having to actually paint all the examples) has kept me away from my work, and I marvel at how prolfic you are!

DRB said...

Love the pattern on the dress. Useful instructions, as always.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Belinda,

What a gorgeous image. Love the written word.


jgr said...

Yes, magical is the word! I am fascinated by this!
Someday I would like to try it. Thank you for the inspiration!