Watercolor: Clementines for us, Darling?

Celementines for us, Darling? 8x6 Watercolor on paper (sold)
This watercolor was done for a show a few years ago, and I've been meaning to set up a similar arrangement with a brightly patterned cloth under the bowl, large scale. In the original set up, the hand-thrown bowl was an engagement gift from a dear friend of ours. Under the clementines, there's a whorled, red heart glazed into the ceramic, and the leaves of the clementines hint at a yin-yang balance. I think I should paint something similar, but bigger. What say you?

This weekend, I'll be at the San Diego Artwalk in Little Italy. This is one of my favorite art festivals because of the environment (ocean, sunshine, Italian stuff), a chance to hang out with good friends that drive out from Arizona to meet us there, and those groovy San Diegans really like art, which makes it fun to talk about the process of printmaking (more evangelizing of the medium). If you're in the area, I'm on Cedar Street, in booth 358, so come and say hello.

Art Quote
You don't need more time....
You just need to decide.
~Seth Godin


Margo said...

Yes, go bigger, with a patterned cloth sounds good, always fun to paint an object that has special attachments.

Barbara M. said...

Wow I love this. I think I do need more time. I hadn't even seen your blog and I'd been listening to Seth Godin videos while I paint. We have to meet! Love the painting, it reminds me of Florence, Italy, the first place I saw Clementines with their leaves. Gorgeous.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Barbara

The Gold Wall said...

This one has a wonderful glow from the fruit, and a bigger version would be a lot of marvelous color to hang on a wall.

(And hello from a fellow enthusiast for Speedball tools and block-prints)


Nicola Dalbenzio said...

Your art is intriquing-it's sparked inspiration and started the wheels turning