Monotype: Purple Barn at Agua Dulce Vineyards

Purple Barn at Agua Dulce Vineyard 5x7 Monotype & colored pencil
The reference photo for this monotype was snapped on a plein air excursion about six years ago. Agua Dulce Winery painted one of their barns a lovely shade of purple. It's almost the same hue as the mountains surrounding the area, just north of Los Angeles (see the photo below). 

After going through the press - pulling the monotype.
When I pulled the print, I discovered that much of the detail scraped and wiped into the ink was blurred & merged under the pressure of the press. (This is common, and can be the result of viscosity of the ink, the sizing and/or moisture of the paper, the plate thickness, and whether it was really clean before the ink was rolled on, the pressure setting on the press, etc. It's also a lesson to the printmaker: controlling the myriad variables in printmaking takes years of dedication and practice. It's full of surprises.) When this happens, I store my monotypes in a cupboard for further attention with other media. I have a lovely stash of these surprise prints, and all of them are - in effect - under-paintings, waiting to become something else.
What do you do with prints and paintings that didn't turn out the way you imagined them?

Black oil-based etching ink, on a copper plate, ready to print

I love a purple barn. Agua Dulce Winery (California)
Studio guard Scout, waiting for Happy Hour to start

Art Quote
I've been for several weeks completely lost in Abbott Thayer. Lost & swallowed up. He is a most extraordinary creature. Thayer has recently painted one of the sweetest heads that I ever saw anywhere. A most astonishing piece of work. I don't know anyone who could make it so well. I mean way up among the swell French painters. I suppose they could do it as well, but they could not put the Thayer in it, could they? 
~Dennis Miller Bunker after a visit with Thayer in 1886


dinahmow said...

Hahaha! A lot of my rejects are torn and used in collage!Once, I laminated a disastrous water colour and put it under the cat bowl (it was a cat picture)
But the point is, as you and most others understand, even mistakes can be re-shaped and , even more important, knowledge gained.

Diane Cutter said...

Belinda... I always love to see your posts, especially your monotypes. The way you work over the initial image is always inspiring.

Barbara Muir said...

Love the print, the writing and the quote. You always inspire me.


Shelley Whiting said...

Purple Barn is a very dramatic and powerful piece. Beautiful and intriguing work.