Mixed Media: Recital

Recital 15x6 Mixed Media collage and paint on Illustration Board
In the same manner as this post and this post, I've layered hand-printed and painted papers in a collage on illustration board, under printed & painted figures from my archives. The woman's face was a petite little head study. The dress on the figure above is printed from a watercolor of a eucalyptus tree, cropped into the shape of a garment & turned 90 degrees.  I painted her hand holding a recorder over the eucalyptus pattern.

Recital - Mixed Media collage & paint on Illustration Board
Art Quote
Glazing (watercolor) - This consists of passing a wash of transparent color over the parts requiring enrichment. Raw sienna, Italian pink and gamboge are all excellent colors to use in this way over foliage and grasses lighted up by the sun; burnt sienna alone or mixed with either of the foregoing is admirably adapted to give rich autumnal or evening tints upon foliage, etc. Never use an opaque color for glazing. The opaque and transparent colors in your box may be discerned by noticing that some reflect the light and others absorb the light. For instance raw sienna being a transparent pigment will not reflect the light or appear to shine like emerald green, which being opaque, reflects the light. Glazings should always be thin.
Talks in My Studio, John Ivey 1903


Dileep said...

Very Cool...................I liked this very much..and it is quite pretty! Nice work

Belinda Del Pesco said...

Thanks, Dileep!