Linocut: Corona (Frida Kahlo)

Corona 3x2 Linocut & Watercolor
 This linocut is not part of the series I'm working on, but a subscriber to this blog asked if I had one of these framed and available, and here it is. This was inspired, carved and painted because of my admiration for the lovely Frida Kahlo. I've been fascinated by her face and style of dress for over a decade now. I don't know what it's like to march to an individual and wholly different drummer the way she did. I suspect that her courage came in the same envelope as the pain and tragedies of her youth. Those flavors of childhood history sent me scrambling for cover and safety, but she chose a spicy panache of personal style, autobiographical art with a message, and visibility. I find that fascinating; the woman, more than her art, has always tussled my imagination.

After the ink is dry, painting with watercolor
Printing the image on Arches Cover paper
Carving the block
Art Quote
When Mark Rothko used tempera, he would follow a procedure that has existed since the Renaissance, separating dozens of eggs, and beating the whites into a consistency close to that of a soufflĂ©.  Those few friends who saw Rothko perform this rite were delighted by the bulky Balzacian figure, with large hands, delicately transferring yolk after yolk, from half shell to half shell. 
The Legacy of Mark Rothko - Lee Seldes

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Barbara Muir said...

I love this image much truer to Kahlo'd beauty than many of the images she made of herself. And I know what you mean about the intrigue of the woman.