Woodcut: Grange (Aerial Landscape of Farmland)

Grange 4 x 3 Woodcut with watercolor & Colored Pencil
Another teeny little relief print (available in my Etsy shop), based on a snapshot from an airplane window, while coming in for a landing.  I grew up in rural Connecticut, and pastoral scenes of modest houses surrounded by farms and trees and horizon are nostalgic to me. If I were a plein air landscape painter, I bet I'd be doing marathon paint-outs on each visit to family and friends in the east (wearing lots of bug spray).

Typical view driving in summer where I grew up
The finished, painted woodcut
Proof printing and carving a little more wood
Carving around the drawing
For anyone interested in woodblock supplies, McClain's has a nifty grab bag of small Shina blocks for about $9... You get about 20 little blocks to experiment on and the wood is soft and light in the hands. Take a look here.
Sketching the initial design on a block of shina wood
 Art Quote
I was here only about three days when I got a job in Hoboken as a house painter. I made nine dollars a day - which was quite a large salary, and after being around four or five months doing that, I started looking for a job doing applied artwork. I made some samples and I was hired immediately. I didn't even ask them the salary, because I thought if I made nine dollars a day as a house painter, I would make at least twenty dollars a day as an artist. Then at the end of the two weeks, the man gave me twenty five dollars, and I was so astonished I asked him if it was a day's pay. He said "No, that's for the whole week." And I immediately quit and went back to house painting.
Thomas B Hess ~ Willem DeKooning (1959)


Mari Jose Molina said...

This is a beatiful card, :) good job!

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@mari, thanks for stopping by!

Barbara Muir said...

Love this woodcut and story. The landscape in the photo looks familiar -- very different from California I know.

Super quote. Funny and still true.