Linocut: Pippins & Braeburns

Pippins & Braeburns  5x3 Linocut with Watercolor
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I've just returned from a trip to see family; I spent a week with my daughter and grandkids (see below) while my son-in-law was away on business. Extra hands with two little ones can be a helpful thing. My heart-cells are re-charged with love & giggles, and I'm ready to #makesomething in the studio.

Adding watercolor to the linoleum block print

The lino print after the ink dried

My printing set up for this linocut
Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of my daughter Melanie? No? Well, let me fawn a bit. She's a busy mommy of two (2 & 4), married to a wonderful man named Robert who is an Army Sargeant Combat Correspondent. She's as talented as she is lovely, and she juggles. Not bowling pins or balls - but she juggles life; she maintains a lovely home for her little family, and balances teaching her children - and playtime - in an impressively structured manner (I often wonder how much I could accomplish if I was as organized with scheduling as she is).
Choo-Choo Train Mom, Reading time Mom & Etsy store crafter/designer
Not long ago, during nap time, she taught herself to crochet and learned how to sew. She blogs about her creations here, and does video tutorials on a YouTube Channel, like this one on how to make an easy envelope pillow cover. She also has an Etsy shop,  so stop by if you're in the market for useful little cotton zipper pouches (I keep all my ipad chargers and adapters in one) or quilted baby loveys (security blankets) - all hand made in her little Honolulu house, usually during nap time. Leave her a comment & tell her I sent you over to say hello.
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Barbara Muir said...

Love this. It reminds me of another one you did awhile ago of flowers. Just beautiful. How nice to spend time with your beautiful daughter and grandkids. Super.


Happy Valentine's Day,


Laurel Daniel said...

Gorgeous print, gorgeous daughter!! Beauty and creativity clearly run in the family! I loved seeing pictures and imaging you hanging out together. (I am headed to see my girl tomorrow - can't wait!) :)

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@barbara- thanks for your ever-generous and lovely comments. you are one of a kind. xo

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@laurel - thanks for stopping by and yayy for hanging out with daughters! i hope you had a marvelous time together. xo