Etching: Lilacs in an Amber Vase

Lilac in an Amber Vase 4.75 x 3.75 Intaglio Etching with Watercolor
This is an artist's proof from an unprinted edition. (An Artists' Proof is a test print, and the final image will differ in various ways when the edition is printed.)  I have more adjustments to make on the zinc plate, which requires a few more dips in an acid bath. I don't keep/use acid in my studio, so the remaining work will require some rental time in a fully equipped print studio. In the meantime, here's this little proof to take to San Diego for the Art Walk. :)

Artist Proof of the etching, before I added watercolor.
Compare it with an earlier version proof below.

Each proof that's printed is carefully checked before the plate goes into the next acid bath,
 to review where darks need to go darker, or lights need to go lighter, etc.
Etching can be a long, lovely, process-intensive rotation of cycles,
 especially if you have a very specific image in mind.
Back in the day... 8 or 9 years ago, I used to sell a lot of work on Ebay. It was an amazingly rich and rewarding experience. I learned a lot about online marketing & promotion, collectors and fellow artisans, photographing art, listing and mailing art, html, photoshop, post office snags, writing about my work, policies, the beauty of online friendships,  and most of all - the practice and making of art, all the time. I also started collecting art, and I have an amazing & varied collection all over my house.

One of the things I really enjoyed was making, trading and buying small, 3.5x2.5 Artist Trading Cards or ATC's. Did you or anyone in your family collect baseball cards, and keep them in binders, trade them, or display them in frames? This is the same premise, but with art. They are also known as ACEO's: Art Cards, Editions & Originals, which relays perfectly that you can collect open edition or limited edition prints as well as original art. One of the core reasons I loved collecting and making these little gems was their size & affordability. I-Love-To-Work-Small. And I-Love-a-Good-Deal. :)

I was framing an ACEO I bought awhile ago, and it occurred to me that I haven't listed one myself in eons. (Head tilted, finger on chin, gazing at something far away, thinking, thinking... hmmmm.) I 'spect it might be nice to list some open edition ATC prints in my Etsy shop for a groovy, lets-get-this-party-started price. And I'm thinking that we'll roll this little idea out of the studio with some nice animals, because we can. :)

This weekend, I'll start listing a few of these furry kids on Etsy as open edition
ATC  (3.5x2.5) prints. Maybe next week, I'll list a bunch of florals.
What say you?  Faces? Still life? Landscape? 
Do you paint ATC's or ACEO's?

Little animal prints, in little cello bags, ready to travel to new homes.

Art Quote
An artist cannot do anything slovenly.
~ Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

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Barbara Muir said...

Love all of it. Wonderful art and post. Thank you.

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