Linocut: Got Any More cookies? and the San Diego Artwalk this weekend!

Got Any More Cookies? Linocut with Watercolor
This linocut with watercolor is available in my Etsy Shop.  Sold
This weekend, I'll be in Little Italy in San Diego at the Mission Federal Artwalk, painting, chatting about art, and soaking up the ocean air. I'll also be dining on Italian food - pasta, bread and some more bread - and street vendor funnel cake with powdered sugar and fresh berries, but shhhhhh. Those little delicacies are not on my fitness plan. :)

If you're local, or in San Diego this weekend, come and say hello. My booth location this year is on the corner of Columbia and Beech - #172.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to Make Something!

Headed to San Diego: Got Any More Cookies?
Booth #172 on the corner of Beech & Columbia in Little Italy

Art Quote
In 1926, a year after Sargent's death, Adrian Stokes, who had accompanied the artist to the Alps, described what had inspired his late friend to paint particular watercolor:
Sargent's watercolors... usually record, with the utmost directness, something that had excited his admiration, or appealed to his artistic intelligence. That may have been the clearly defined and exquisite edge of some rare object; of the way in which  a dark thing, when opposed to vivid light, is invaded by it, and loses local color; or the change that seems to occur in the color of things along the edge where they meet.  ~The Watercolors of John Singer Sargent, by Carl Little 1998    


Barbara Muir said...

Love this so much. Incredible image, and amazing work that's gone into it.
Plus I loved the quote because Sargent is one of my faves, and his watercolours top the charts. So does your work girl!

XOXOXOX Have a great weekend,

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@Barbara - Thanks so much for your always-generous comments. I've been thinking about you this Spring and hoping you feel better. There are budding trees and sprouting gardens and art supplies that need you to look at and love them!

John Brisson said...

Belinda...I enjoy your print making so very much. Always keeps me coming back for more.


Catharina said...

Lovely painting :)