Watercolor: Propagation (& new prints in my Etsy shop)

Propagation 14 x 10 Watercolor
I snapped the reference photo for this watercolor while visiting one of my best friends in Massachusetts 30 years ago. Since the image reminds me of a great day - sharing & making art with someone I know so well - I've used the imagery in several drawings, paintings, and a linocut. The title - Propagation - is a reference to the gifts that sprout when spending time with creative friends, as well as the potted plants budding on the ledge, and the potential of paper, notebooks and pens. There are bits of text on the sheet of paper beneath the apples; an excerpt from an E. B. White poem titled 
Window Ledge in the Atom Age:

I love this day, this hour, this room,
This motionless narcissus,
I love the stillness of the home,
I love the missus.
(She grows in pebbles in my sun
And she is like a star.)

I'm spraying a garden hose worth of cool, digital Thank You's on a hot day for the kind comments and emails in response to Friday's post about my challenges to stay focused in the studio. All you artists wrestling the same alligator sent such great ideas, encouragement and way more camaraderie than I expected (if creative focus is a challenge for you, read the comments on Friday's post and be encouraged.) I assume every artist is more focused than me, so it's surprising to see others riding the same wavelength of distractions. They say there's comfort in alliance, but I'd rather celebrate unity over new drawing methods, great marketing ideas, or effective ways to mix pigments. Until I stumble onto those little nuggets, I'll continue to share my wrestling moves to get things done, and  - please - you all do the same out there.  Let's get focused and make something, shall we?

I added some prints to my Etsy shop that are mounted on wood and varnished.
They look nice propped on a shelf or hanging on a wall.

Little watercolor print, mounted on cradled wood & varnished,
ready to hang, or prop on a shelf.

Art Quote
Rest assured that if you work every day at your art, using the materials nearest at hand, you will gradually discover such beauty in them that they will fill you with happiness. And if you paint these things with the deep understanding that comes of constant association, you will be an artist. 
~ John E. Carlson


kathleen Ballard said...

"Propagation" is a stunning watercolor! Beautiful!

Belinda Del Pesco said...

@kathleen - thanks for the compliment, especially from a great watercolorist; big smile over here! :)