Monotype: Climb Back In & Making a Mark's Annual Art Blog Award Nominations

Climb Back In 4x6 Monotype with colored pencil
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If you're new to this blog, and unfamiliar with monotypes as a printmaking method, take a look at this post to see process shots.  This one started as a ghost print (see below) from an earlier monotype.  I took the reference photo in the early 80's, in New England on a chilly, winter day.  Getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning is never fun, and I probably took the photo thinking I'd practice drawing folds in the sheets while remembering how warm & comfy it was in the bed. :)

This is the monotype ghost print before I enhanced contrast and values with colored pencil

I'm humbled and thrilled to be a nominee on U.K. writer/artist Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark blog Annual Awards, in the category of Best Artwork About People on a Blog. I'm in such fine company with the other nominees, I feel a bit starry-eyed. :) Feel free to peruse the artwork selected in all four category polls, and cast your votes before Tuesday, December 31st at midnight (London time).

If you're unfamiliar with Katherine's blog, have a look. I've been a subscriber for years, and her writing and her art are both wonderful. She covers museum shows, book reviews, art supplies, regional shows, artists (drawing, printmaking and painting), botanical art, Plein Air, Art News & Journals, Competitions and Business, etc. She is prolific, and her archives are worth diving into.

Art Quote
In 1868, when she was 24, Mary Cassatt had her 1st painting accepted in the Paris Salon. Back in the US, her brother wrote to his fiance: "Mary is in high spirits for being accepted in the annual exhibit in Paris, and not only has it been accepted, but it has been hung on the line (eye level). Her art name is Mary Stevenson, under which I suppose she expects to become famous, poor child." A. Effeny


Laurel Daniel said...

Congrats Belinda!!! Gorgeous piece and well deserved honor!! Xo

Sonia said...

Well done on your Making a Mark Award. It is well deserved.

Both your blog and Katherine's are on my regular "must read" list.