Monotype: Gentle Giant (Great Dane)

Gentle Giant 4x9 Monotype with watercolor
Available in my Etsy Shop. Sold
This ghost print (below) was very faint compared to the lovely textures and contrast I got from the original monotype (see that in the process shots at the bottom of this post), but it was still enough shape to suggest a big dog with a dane's profile, so I just added watercolor and had fun with it, letting the pigments mingle without too much noodling.

Monotype Ghost print, before adding more pigment (watercolor)

Pulling the ghost print on the press bed

Pulling the monotype from mylar supported by a sheet of mat board.
There's just enough pigment left on the mylar to pull a faint ghost print.
Caran D'Ache water soluble crayons, a reference photo and a sheet of drafting
mylar with my drawing on it, ready to go to the press for printing (sold).

I sent a newsletter out from my studio, detailing the collaborative Gift Box project I did with my stepdaughter.  They've been selling well (yayy!) - and the newsletter is here.

Art Quote
The creation of that perfect thing we recognize as art, is given to all too few of us. When it happens, it transcends time, and is rightly included or added to the treasures that have stirred the imagination of past centuries. But art is a kind of tyrant. It came to me dressed up in wanderlust.
~Gustave Baumann (1881-1971)

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