Available Printmaking

If you'd like more information about any of these hand pulled, original prints, Email me. :)   Many of them are listed in my Etsy Shop; the captions are linked to the listings - just click on them for more details about the art.  
If you are curious about the process on any of these original prints, search the main body of this blog for the art title to see process shots.
Lemon Sunshine 7.5 x 5.5 Monotype with Colored Pencil

Betty 10.75 x 3.75 Monotype with watercolor and colored pencil

Climb Back In 4.25 x 6.75 Monotype with colored pencil

Santa Barbara Harbor Surfers 8.5 x 10.5 Monotype with watercolor and colored pencil

Hold Your Hand 7x7 Collagraph with colored pencil

Mermaid in a Kelp Forest - Collagraph with Watercolor and Metallic Pigments

Peacock Feather Drypoint with metallic pigments

Peacock Feather Drypoint with metallic pigments
Watching Flowers Grow - Woodcut & Watercolor
Just Feel the Sun Drypoint with Watercolor
Chapel Fountain 4x6 Monotype with Watercolor
Plume Verte Monotype Ghost & Watercolor
Bubble Bath 4x4.5 Drypoint with watercolor

Mermaid with a Pirate Scope 6.5 x 4.25 Collagraph with metallic pigment, inks & watercolor

Persimmon, Shells & Whiskey Decanters 6.5 x 9 Linocut with Watercolor & Colored Pencil
Scouting for Tulip Petals 7x7 Collagraph & Colored Pencil Sold

Lilac in an Amber Vase Etching & Watercolor

Breakfast Alarm 7x7 Collagraph & Colored Pencil  Sold

Good Morning. Feed Us. 7x7 Collagraph & Colored Pencil

Stackable Naps 7x7 Collagraph & Colored Pencil

Garden Meditation 7x7 Collagraph & Colored Pencil

Pippins & Braeburns Linocut & Watercolor

Civil Engineers 7x7 Collagraph & Colored Pencil

Man Among the Palms Collagraph with colored pencil

Morocco Collagraph with watercolor   Sold

Together 5x3 Linocut with watercolor

Communion 6x4 Woodcut & Watercolor
Winged 5x3 Linocut with colored pencil and Watercolor

Rainy Day Girl 4x6 Collagraph with watercolor & Colored Pencil

Corona 3x2 Framed Linocut with watercolor

Dream Guardian 7 x 7.25 Hand printed collage paper and paint on illustration board

Testing a Quintero 7x5 Monotype and Colored Pencil

Couch Napping 6.6 x 8.75 Collagraph & Watercolor
Sunset Sail 3.25x5 Framed Woodcut & Watercolor

Got Any More Cookies? 7x9 Linocut & Watercolor   Sold

Nonotuck Street 5.25x5 Glue Collagraph and Colored Pencil

Day Dreamer 8x10 Monotype

Pilous 5x1.75 Intaglio etching with Watercolor
First Cup 8.5x7 Monotype & Watercolor
Cat in the Lap 6.75x5.5 Silk Aquatint with Colored Pencil
Winter Geraniums 18x24 Framed Monotype with Pastel
Thistle 4.25x6 Framed Linocut with Watercolor
Bandana 5x7 Framed Silk Aquatint
Asleep in Rome 5x5 Framed Dry Point with Watercolor
Dusk 6.5x5.5 Framed Silk Aquatint with Colored Pencil
The Captain's Cabin 7x7 Silk Aquatint & Colored Pencil
Josephine 4.25 x 3.25 Woodcut & Watercolor
Eldest Son 20 x 15 Hand Printed and Paper paper collage and paint on illustration board

Chinook (Salmon) 4x6 Linocut & Watercolor
Stag 5 x 4 Linocut & Watercolor

 Monterey Retreat 18x24 Framed Monotype w/Watercolor printed on Arches Cover paper  Sold

Charles, Painting - Matted & Framed